Thursday, 28 February 2013

Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum.

Ok so me and my credit card have rekindled our love and got all naughty yesterday. UH OH. Anyway thats another post entirely. Today I want to share, albeit slight obsession, my new favourite purchase.

Linton Tweed T-Shirt - £98 Jigaw

Beautiful isn't it. When it came in store I literally saw my bank balance dwindle. With a full tweed front, 100% silk back and boxy fit it's the perfect addition to my growing spring/summer wardrobe. Im going to put an outfit together to show you lovers how i'd wear it soon. Promise, cross my heart hope to die. (who actually made that up?!)

What makes this tweed even more exciting is that its only bloody the same as, oh just a little well known designer house... Chanel. HELL TO THE YEAH. So we can all have a bit of luxury for a smidgen of the price. The girls at Jigsaw went along to the carlisle factory to see our tweeds being made, it really is a labour of love. 

Photos via Inside-Jigsaw

Beautiful fabrics all lovingly made in England gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. Thats what its all about ay...


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