Wednesday, 17 April 2013


I know I know, I have been absolutely RUBBISH with posting, so sorry guys BUT It has been because of lots of exciting new things and a particular new special someone (gush gush gush) for the absence. So quick catch up. I've just returned from Barcelona with my laaavly family. 4 days of Tapas, Sangria, Beer and Paella. YUM. Also celebrated my birthday with all my gorgeous friends at Blues Kitchen in Camden. Such a good venue for live music, had a right giggle. However I'm now bed ridden surrounded by tissues, sniffling and shivering away. Too much fun makes you ill, well too much drink maybe...
Here's a few snaps I took whilst away on my holibobs.


Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Idle Hands

Hello my lovelies and happy hump day to you all, and what a bloody freezing one it is too.

For those of you who often take a wander down Carnaby street as I do, you may have noticed a little shop named Lazy Oaf. A shop I adore and have done for many years. The 'Comic Pop' trend has recently inspired me to feature it on the ole' blog so maybe I can spread the joy and indirectly inject a little pop into someone elses wardrobe.

If you are a fan of the loud and onomatopoeic trend this is the perfect place for you. The designs are super vibrant and extremely of the moment. Pieces have been seen on celebs like Annie Mac, Jessie J, the band Metronomy and dupes recently seen on Cheryl Cole and Jessie from Little Mix.

The London based brand started off selling bits and bobs at Spitalfields and now have a uber tendy successful business going. The pieces are so original, humorous and brave. I just love when I see someone donning a cool T from Lazy Oaf down Brick Lane and Camden, it feels like we know a secret :-) I also love the name of the brand because I can relate to it.

I put in some of my faves to show why I think these designs are aces.

Top, £40, Lazy Oaf

Dress, £65, Lazy Oaf

Leggings, £45, Lazy Oaf

Dress, now £30, Lazy Oaf

Dress, £60, Lazy Oaf on ASOS

Enjoy boys and girls and keep an eye out for all things DC, Pop art, Kapow, Blam, Whack and Bang.

Loads of love.



Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The View.

'Just to let you know there is now only toilets on the ground floor.'

For those who haven't heard, certain couples were using the toilet, with floor to ceiling views of london, as a new mile high club. One woman actually left her knickers to really leave her mark there. CLASSY.

72 floors up and its a pretty impressive view. However without my glasses, I first mistook the Gherkin as Canary Wharf. Reminds me that I really need to get contacts...

White Blazer - Topshop
Plaid Shirt - Uniqlo
Metallic Top - Primark
Jeans - Levis 301
Trainers - Adidas
Jewellery - H&M
Bag - Travel Find

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Tame Impala - Elephant



Monday, 11 March 2013

You're beginning to feel very sleepy...

Jonathan Saunders - Christopher Kane - Burberry

If there's one trend to buy into this season, it HAS to be that of all things hologram. The 90s hypnotic trend is back baby. Featured heavily in the september SS13 shows from Burberry to Jonathan Saunders. Trust me it's a winner. Add to your wardrobe through accessories and your outfit will instantly look insane. It's finally filtered down onto the highstreet.

H&M - Topshop -Stella McCartney
I've literally just bought the H&M clutch. Im imagining a black polo neck, black skinny cigarette trousers with white piping. Topped with a leather bomber jacket and black heeled sandals. Then finishing with this bad boy. POW. Full futuristic hypnosis to whoever gazes at it.

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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Off with her jewel encrusted head.

Photo via My Fashion Life
Bleary eyed and still drunk, I woke this morning and took to my twitter feed. Scrolling through the newly posted Harlem shakes and such like, I noticed all the tweets about the McQueen show yesterday at PFW. Clicking on Vogues link it took me straight to Burtons first look. I sat up straight away.

10 looks set in the beautiful settings of the Opera Comique and shown in pairs. White broderie lace with full hooped skirts and sheer panelling. Solid silver belts synching in the waist. Pearl pleats that simply mesmerised in movement. It was feminine armoury that exaggerated the waist and hips. Billowing sleeves and ruffled necks. Worked then re-worked embellishing. Enamelled florals and silk embroidered corsetry. All with the ever present underlining of pure McQueen erotica. From the pearl encrusted stockings to the heavy harnessing and suspender belts. The level of detail of each look was insane. Breathtaking. Stunning.

Burtons influences for the collection were the Virgin Queen, Ballers Russes, nuns through to popes. It didn't feel like a fashion show, it felt like an exhibition of exquisite couture gowns from the Tudor era. Pure fantasy and indulgence. I might have taken more notice in History if this is what Henry VIII's missus wore. Burton wasn't present as she's just given birth to her new little bundle but you can understand why there were just the 10 pieces with the level of workmanship. I can't get over it. It really did blow my very hungover head this morning. This wasn't about trends or ready-to-wear. You get a show every few seasons, which doesn't have to transcend into real life. Where's the fun in that? It was what fashion should be about. A moment, pure art, creative freedom and doing what the fuck you want. Sarah, you are a true inspiration. I salute you and your sexed up queens.

See the full show here.



Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Are We Crystal?

So how we all feeling about this Lucite Trend? I'm getting the impression its a marmite thing, and may be a very quick flash in the pan. I, personally, am a fan. It has a sense of 60s nostalgia about it and there are some very wearable pieces. Realistically, you are always going to be making a statement if you decide to style a Lucite or perspex piece but its fun, bang on trend and you will stand out from the crowd for certain, unless they see right through you. (I AM SO SORRY)

Shoes, £55, Topshop
 Watch, £28, ASOS

Bangle, Anna Lou of London

Charlotte Olympia Pandora box clutch, £545, Polyvore.

Perspex has been hitting the runway hard this year and you can get your grubby little mits on some pieces and not shell out a fortune. You just have to have a good gander. Remember the old rule less is more. You don't want to end up looking like a wash bag. 

Be good ladies and gents.




DAMN. You british girls got swagger.

That comment was shouted at me whilst in NYC by a drunk homeless guy. Love, I have definitely not got swagger. The hippest I get is ruining Drop it like its hot at Hip-Hop karaoke, camden crawl circa '11.

Trainers have been a firm favourite on fashion lovers wishlist in the past year, with the help of Isabel Marant and Nikes new additions. I personally wasn't a huge fan of Marant's but that's mainly because I'm a gangly giant and hidden platforms are definitely not what I need. However her shoe is innovative and pretty fucking cool. When I returned from my travels, everywhere I went, Nike Blazers were glued to peoples feet. I'm more in love with Nike Air Max 90s. Just saying.

Me and trainers go WAY back. Well way back seeing as I haven't bought a pair in about 10 years. I stepped into Natterjacks feeling completely out of my depth. The shop is a haven for street style and all the cool kids on the block get there fresh threads from there. Me in my desert boots and full on plaid ensemble didn't exactly fit in. However I was drawn to a pair of red adiSTAR. Outfits started flying round. Cigarette pants with boyfriend blazer. Dungarees with lace shirt. Denim on denim on denim. Whenever this happens I know I've found a new member of my wardrobe.

'Hey erm can I have a size 7 in these please'

'Sure, are they for anything in particular? I can help you choose a good running shoe if that's what your looking for?'

Oh god. He knows.

'Erm well, there not really for exercise. More just for well, you know, erm just like normal wear?' (what was I saying, normal wear?!)

'Ah sweet yeah these would look decent on you'

I don't know why not doing any exercise embarrasses me because its not to the point where I'm going to stop spending money on clothes wine and cigarettes and suddenly think 'hmm I really fancy doing a 10 mile run where my lungs feel like there going to explode inside my chest.' No thanks. Probably because the guy serving me was beautiful and cool. Yeah thats more like it.

I slipped them on and my feet felt a new sensation they haven't felt since the 90s with my achingly amazing Spice Girl platforms. I was walking on pure cushioned heaven! For a split second or two I even walked with a slight swagger in my step. But then I stumbled over my shoe lace and any air of swag was gone.

'Get used to the comfort girl.'

Oh I will pal don't you worry about that.

Cat Beanie - Handmade
 Stripe Crop top - Topshop
 Dungarees - Topshop
 AdiSTAR - Adidas
 Suede Coat -Charity Find



Saturday, 2 March 2013

Drowning in the river

You got it ladies I'm swimming in river island. I'm pretty much attracted to anything that Rihanna's associated with, and I'm okay with that, my girl did say after all that she believes British chicks to be most fashionable and I tend to agree. (biased) I've come to terms with the fact that I am indeed a "fan girl". I have even gone and picked up a BOY LONDON dupe. Naughty.

Today I'm off to a punk all day gig and wanted to be super comfy as I'm in for the long haul.

I'm donning a river island sale coat, new look oversized top. New look rings. River island tube pants and my trusty old vans. Just a very quick and casual outfit of day!

Stay safe homegirls and boys.



Friday, 1 March 2013

Opposites Attract


Tweed Tshirt - Jigsaw Trenchcoat - Burberry Leather Gilet - Uniqlo Leather Skirt - Charity Find
Cigarette Pants - Marks & Spencers Heels - Office Jewellery - H&M

LFW was a crazy mixture of prints. From Mary Katrantzou's INSANELY beautiful show with inspiration coming from china, to HoH psychedelic madness. Clash your prints girls from your head to your fricking toes.



Noah knows his shit.

Flamingo Necklace - Roberto Cavalli £2615
Rabbit Chain Earring - Topshop £4
Draped Spider Bracelet - Rachel Entwistle £112
Animal Studs - Topshop £8.50
Dragonfly Necklace - Alexander McQueen £195
Foxy Pendants - Alexis Dove Price on Request
Ladybug Earrings - Kenneth Jay Lane £185
Zebra Ring - Marc by Marc Jacobs £79
Frog Bangle - J Crew £85.76

In love with animal jewellery. At one with nature. Well, if nature was 24carat gold and dripping in diamonds...



Head in the sky

1 year ago today me and my gorgeous girl Cassie left for our adventure...