Tuesday, 5 March 2013

DAMN. You british girls got swagger.

That comment was shouted at me whilst in NYC by a drunk homeless guy. Love, I have definitely not got swagger. The hippest I get is ruining Drop it like its hot at Hip-Hop karaoke, camden crawl circa '11.

Trainers have been a firm favourite on fashion lovers wishlist in the past year, with the help of Isabel Marant and Nikes new additions. I personally wasn't a huge fan of Marant's but that's mainly because I'm a gangly giant and hidden platforms are definitely not what I need. However her shoe is innovative and pretty fucking cool. When I returned from my travels, everywhere I went, Nike Blazers were glued to peoples feet. I'm more in love with Nike Air Max 90s. Just saying.

Me and trainers go WAY back. Well way back seeing as I haven't bought a pair in about 10 years. I stepped into Natterjacks feeling completely out of my depth. The shop is a haven for street style and all the cool kids on the block get there fresh threads from there. Me in my desert boots and full on plaid ensemble didn't exactly fit in. However I was drawn to a pair of red adiSTAR. Outfits started flying round. Cigarette pants with boyfriend blazer. Dungarees with lace shirt. Denim on denim on denim. Whenever this happens I know I've found a new member of my wardrobe.

'Hey erm can I have a size 7 in these please'

'Sure, are they for anything in particular? I can help you choose a good running shoe if that's what your looking for?'

Oh god. He knows.

'Erm well, there not really for exercise. More just for well, you know, erm just like normal wear?' (what was I saying, normal wear?!)

'Ah sweet yeah these would look decent on you'

I don't know why not doing any exercise embarrasses me because its not to the point where I'm going to stop spending money on clothes wine and cigarettes and suddenly think 'hmm I really fancy doing a 10 mile run where my lungs feel like there going to explode inside my chest.' No thanks. Probably because the guy serving me was beautiful and cool. Yeah thats more like it.

I slipped them on and my feet felt a new sensation they haven't felt since the 90s with my achingly amazing Spice Girl platforms. I was walking on pure cushioned heaven! For a split second or two I even walked with a slight swagger in my step. But then I stumbled over my shoe lace and any air of swag was gone.

'Get used to the comfort girl.'

Oh I will pal don't you worry about that.

Cat Beanie - Handmade
 Stripe Crop top - Topshop
 Dungarees - Topshop
 AdiSTAR - Adidas
 Suede Coat -Charity Find



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