Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Off with her jewel encrusted head.

Photo via My Fashion Life
Bleary eyed and still drunk, I woke this morning and took to my twitter feed. Scrolling through the newly posted Harlem shakes and such like, I noticed all the tweets about the McQueen show yesterday at PFW. Clicking on Vogues link it took me straight to Burtons first look. I sat up straight away.

10 looks set in the beautiful settings of the Opera Comique and shown in pairs. White broderie lace with full hooped skirts and sheer panelling. Solid silver belts synching in the waist. Pearl pleats that simply mesmerised in movement. It was feminine armoury that exaggerated the waist and hips. Billowing sleeves and ruffled necks. Worked then re-worked embellishing. Enamelled florals and silk embroidered corsetry. All with the ever present underlining of pure McQueen erotica. From the pearl encrusted stockings to the heavy harnessing and suspender belts. The level of detail of each look was insane. Breathtaking. Stunning.

Burtons influences for the collection were the Virgin Queen, Ballers Russes, nuns through to popes. It didn't feel like a fashion show, it felt like an exhibition of exquisite couture gowns from the Tudor era. Pure fantasy and indulgence. I might have taken more notice in History if this is what Henry VIII's missus wore. Burton wasn't present as she's just given birth to her new little bundle but you can understand why there were just the 10 pieces with the level of workmanship. I can't get over it. It really did blow my very hungover head this morning. This wasn't about trends or ready-to-wear. You get a show every few seasons, which doesn't have to transcend into real life. Where's the fun in that? It was what fashion should be about. A moment, pure art, creative freedom and doing what the fuck you want. Sarah, you are a true inspiration. I salute you and your sexed up queens.

See the full show here.



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