Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Idle Hands

Hello my lovelies and happy hump day to you all, and what a bloody freezing one it is too.

For those of you who often take a wander down Carnaby street as I do, you may have noticed a little shop named Lazy Oaf. A shop I adore and have done for many years. The 'Comic Pop' trend has recently inspired me to feature it on the ole' blog so maybe I can spread the joy and indirectly inject a little pop into someone elses wardrobe.

If you are a fan of the loud and onomatopoeic trend this is the perfect place for you. The designs are super vibrant and extremely of the moment. Pieces have been seen on celebs like Annie Mac, Jessie J, the band Metronomy and dupes recently seen on Cheryl Cole and Jessie from Little Mix.

The London based brand started off selling bits and bobs at Spitalfields and now have a uber tendy successful business going. The pieces are so original, humorous and brave. I just love when I see someone donning a cool T from Lazy Oaf down Brick Lane and Camden, it feels like we know a secret :-) I also love the name of the brand because I can relate to it.

I put in some of my faves to show why I think these designs are aces.

Top, £40, Lazy Oaf

Dress, £65, Lazy Oaf

Leggings, £45, Lazy Oaf

Dress, now £30, Lazy Oaf

Dress, £60, Lazy Oaf on ASOS

Enjoy boys and girls and keep an eye out for all things DC, Pop art, Kapow, Blam, Whack and Bang.

Loads of love.



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